Choosing Your Touge Ride PART.2

Hello fellow touge friends 😀 Today I would like to continue on the second part of choosing a touge machine for yourself. As I can say, different countries has a different cars to choose from. A briton may favour a ford escort RS cosworth or a focus RS over an EK9 type-R. An Italiano may favour a Lancia Delta Integrale HF over a renault clio Williams.

Nevermind about that. In part.2, I will not focus on hatchbacks alone but also other potential touge machines available in the market. Sedans are not that bad. Impreza & evo makes a good start if the car is relatively cheap in your country. But in Malaysia, it can start from USD$16,500 for a converted non 4wd “evo” 4,5,6 lancer or an original evo3 for USD$20,000.. mind you our cars are somewhat very expensive. But blessed we are better than Australia in terms of legal issue of modding our cars! 😀

Okay, back to the topic. Besides hatchback as a choice of cars, these 4wd machines in sedan form is of course very nimble. Still depends on your touge purpose as well. For tight touges it is still recommended to have a cute hatchbacks such as a toyota starlet turbo. Cute 1300cc car but with big potential if you have a local supertight winding mountainous roads.




For those who plans to have a 4WD as your touge machines and if you have ample of money to spend on, a decent machines as below will do the trick!! 😀 Why 4WD? because these all moving wheels provide better handling & traction in the wet & handles better in 4 seasoned countries. Proven in rallies & even in WRC for many years showing multiple winning & victories. With turbochargers, it is already good enough in stock form. You still can mod your EK VTEC to be at par with an evo. Hey, to each of its own man. We have many type of car enthusiasts in the first place. Hehehe 😀






impreza gc8_07




So folks! The buying power is in your hands whether to purchase a fairly priced 4WD or a hatchback. Later on I will continue with FRs on this touge title. FR is an expensive machine in Malaysia too. This is due to Initial-D & drifting culture. USD$15,000 sounds fair for a battered 180SX am I right? hahahahaha!!! To be continued :p


Choosing a touge ride PART.1


Well folks, its been a while since last I’ve posted on something. As we all know throughout the motorsports history below are some of the few which are widely used in races all over the world. In WRC or World Rally Championship, hatchbacks has been a popular choice for manufacturers in order to create a mutilating monster which annihilates 99% of the competitors from the race. This is due to the power to weight ratio figures which mostly available in a form of a super car. In racing, even honda’s civic EG6 is a well known racer for its competitive and rivalry with its small and agile chassis. Even if viewed in Hot Version video SEEKER EG6 vs Suzuki Swift JWRC where both are hatchbacks. That is one of a concrete proof why hatchbacks is a weapon of choice for mountain roads or touges.


These cars may be very familiar to us and all of you if you are an avid WRC fan. A conclusion here why hatchbacks are a number one choice for winding roads or B-roads up to the mountains is due to its nimble body and lightweight physical traits which makes it suitable for the job of getting from point A to B the quickest. Nevertheless, that is why I chose a cheap & reliable Proton Satria or it’s parent company Mitsubishi mirage/colt as my weapon of choice.


This is a brief look of my ride. With such minor alteration to the interior & additional supporting bars to the chassis will drastically increase the grip of the car much more that the stock. Applying simple racing car rules does makes a difference if it is done properly. additional coilovers with a right spring rate will also increase the handling of the little latter .Image

Finally, before choosing your desired hatchback. Do find a one suitable for your needs. Whether it is a powerful turbocharged hatch for uphill runs or a linear powered NA(Normally Aspirated) hatchback as a choice.

The choice is within your hands. I will continue with part 2 on advancing after having the first touge ride. Last but not least, touge safely. Good Day! 😀


Kuala Kelawang 2012 Drive

Just a brief write up. I’ve decided that Touge-R should have a run since its last hiatus on an event in Bukit Putus. Thanks to Kudut for his effort inviting other touge friends. Well, I met up Napi with his Satria GTi and headed to Hulu Langat. There was a slight traffic jam as the Malaysian Prime Minister is having his Election Campaign. Anyways, by 11 we are already arrive at hulu langat mosque. Seeing the others from gombak & rawang arrived earlier on the day.

The uphill is lead by me (Shalie) and I composed my driving tailgating the superbikers. It was fun following them. Kelawang is very forgiving for my rubbers which has only about 30% of thread. despite that we did make a stop on kelawang uphill startpoint. I gave kudut a time gap for him to record a video. later on i continued my uphill driving. I’ve been followed close by Taka from Touge-G & Chuck Jones. They are well talented drivers. Well at an apex there was water runner across the road. My car is partially grip and when it hits the water the rear skids out. I managed to countersteer and input more throttle to gain grip and traction. Phew! a close call and it has been ages since I did that back in the old days in kelawang nightfall rain cruise with KANSEI. Then we stopped at kelawang uphill endpoint near the border.

As usual I gave Kudut his time to record the vids. The Negeri Sembilan side is sort of highspeed turns and combination of sharp bends as well. I overshoot the shop where the bikers usually hanged out. Too fast I guess! Anyways, after having a drink and some chat. We headed home and the others headed to Genting Sempah for another run. The weather wasn’t that good on the way home. Slippery and the rain holds back the speeds of everyone. Taka seems happy with the rain :p anyways, thats all for my brief report! 😀Image

Photo courtesy of Amir Azran of Bukit Putus

New headers and Haloween Bukit Putus Run

Oh yes, we are in sticker bombing mood towards the end of this year. Fatlace & Hellaflush did a good job promoting this culture all over the world. So, back on track, yesterday was some fun ride to Bukit Putus. Again me and the boys just had some fun heading up & down the hill. We met up the usual boys there. So for full stories and piccies, kindly visit: