Wheelspin Bukit Putus Track Day 25th September 2011

By: : Mohd Shahjehan Maamin

Pejabat Tourism Malaysia Negeri Sembilan (TMNS) bersama-sama dengan Starfresh Agropark dan Wheelspin Event Management sekali lagi telah mengambil inisiatif bagi menghidupkan kembali Jalan Lama Bukit Putus yang semakin sunyi dan kurang digunakan dengan menganjurkan acara Bukit Putus Hillclimb Track Day.

Bukit Putus Hillclimb Track Day ini pada dasarnya dianjurkan bertujuan untuk memperkenal,mengalak dan mempromosikan laluan lama Bukit Putus sebagai satu trek bertaraf antarabangsa bagi acara sukan permotoran. Keunikan selekoh dan laluan yang mengujakan dilihat mampu memberi cabaran kepada para penggemar sukan permotoran ini yang mana gaya pemanduan dan tunggangan memerlukan ketahanan dari segi mental dan fizikal.

Penganjuran acara seumpama ini juga diharap mampu untuk memberi peluang kepada pelumba haram bagi menzahirkan bakat dan kemahiran mereka dengan cara yang lebih selamat dan terkawal sekaligus mampu untuk mengurangkan kes-kes lumba haram.

Seterusnya,program ini juga mensasarkan matlamat untuk menjadi satu titik pertemuan dan medan pengkongsian ilmu diantara para peserta dan pemandu kereta lumba professional.Mereka juga mampu dilihat untuk menjadi satu ikon kepada pelumba haram,untuk pertama kalinya,para peserta yang terdiri daripada penunggang motorsikal dan pemandu kereta akan merasmikan trek lumba sepanjang 3.5 km di Bukit Putus.

Dan kini dengan adanya inisiatif dan usaha seperti ini bukan sahaja mampu untuk menaikkan kembali nama laluan ini bahkan mampu membantu menarik ramai pelancong dari dalam dan luar negara seterusnya memperkenalkan negeri adat perpatih ini kepada para pelancong.

From our words. This is the 3rd Uphill event since ignition.my Pioneer Balls Out & Bukit Putus King Of The Hill Charity Challenge By Traffic Magazine Online. I should say this is one heck of an event. Pictures says a thousand words. With Pre-BPTD BBQ with a rally enthusiast and a co driver, known as Cikgu Rafi in Negri Sembilan provided us with some delicacies as celebrating our attendance from as far as Johor Bahru of the Malaysian Touge Network meet. We are very supportive with the event. Well, we did have some minor runs for the night 🙂 For the day, Shalie drove a friend’s Proton Satria GTi 1.8 and has no problem with the car. He did not enter because of some financial problems. Azraie and Allen Aznan are the ones which run the night event to be smooth n flows nicely. Kudos to both of them!! 😀 Last But not least. TQ Azraie for printing the limited stickers of TOUGE-R 😀 Touge 4 Life!! 🙂


TOUGE-R Welcomes Mr Azraie@Kudut & Allen Aznan as our new members… :D

We are proud to accept 2 new members… Mr Azraie or Kudut and Mr Allen who has been quite sometime in the Malaysian touge scene.. both are very committed with the touge arena… TOUGE-R hope that with them running the team, we can achieve greater heights and new goals towards improvising and rectifying the problems which holds back the expansion of the Malaysian touge scene… TOUGE-R would personally like to wish everyone a greater day ahead & to our allied teams of TOUGE-G & KANSEI.. 😀

Bukit Putus Charity Challenge “King of The Hill 2011”

The event was on the morning of 30th April 2011. I didn’t enter the event as I have some financial issues. But I managed to be the Finishing point marshall for the event. Making sure my division make things right. The event has 3 categories. Group A for the supercars, Group B for the Below 2500cc and above 1600cc and finally group C for 1500cc below. The rules are simple. No full slick tyres but road legal tyres such as Toyo R888, Advan A048, Potenza RE-01R are permitted. This is an uphill challenge.

As the final result of the competition, for the group B 1600cc-2500cc goes to master Ariel in his red honda civic SiR EF9… for group C below 1500cc goes to Pok Deng in his EP82 Toyota Starlet GT… kudos to EPMC fellas!! As to wrap up my day in Bukit Putus, I did manage to get master reed to tail me in his EP91 Starlet Glanza V… Well, I did manage to keep a small distance from me as I was in front of him. A valuable lesson from the masters on how to control pressure of being tailgated. I drove back to Malacca at 6:30pm. Reached around 8:15pm due to traffic jam on the highway… Now I can rest peacefully 🙂 Pictures credits to EPMC, HCCC… and TRAFFIC for hiring us as the marshall and making this wonderful event a blast! Thanks for the linkage too 🙂

Bukit Putus Touge Attack 2nd April 2011

I managed to run a small touge run at Bukit Putus. I didn’t expect 12cars coming. But it was a nice one. We met up at Petronas near Bukit Putus exit. There were many cars and sorry as I have not much pics and will add more soon from touge-G’s camera. We started with a warm up session of uphill. Man Veen and Amer are the locals. So they are very familiar with the course.

After waiting for all to arrive, we make our move. The runs are continuous downhill and uphill. Since the road is rarely used, we manage to run without any problem. I was very excited as this is my first night event to attack. Like the Japanese scene. We do have people sitting at the hairpin seeing us in action. We hope to have such event in the future to polish our driving skills on the touge. Thank you for the people which attend my not so big event. Touge For Life!

Shalie of TOUGE-R is getting older…

So the founder of TOUGE-R is already plus a year… hmm, maybe he shud slow down or get more active in the touge scene? god knows where TOUGE-R is heading. May the future holds for the better folks!


This is the year end 2010 closing touge session. Handled by Taka from touge-G, it was a splendid run until a friend misjudged a low speed hairpin turn on uphill run which ended up into the ravine. Shalie took the lead for uphill. Followed by others like Jasril of Touge-G. When we received a call from our unfortunate friend, shalie and mista rushed to the scene and sort things out… more info from: