TOUGE-R official logo

The TOUGE-R official logo symbolized red as the main color to reflect our enthusiasm toward touge till the last drop of our blood……the grey color symbolized the tarmac color and the urge to go thru the curves as fast as our cars allow us.

TOUGE GHOST mascot derived from teruterubozu.


6 thoughts on “TOUGE-R official logo”

  1. Hey there Kansei and Touge-R team. I’m a newblood currently situated in Penang and enjoying it’s many hill roads.

    Seeing that your team purpose is to “conquer each and every mountain passes in Malaysia and it’s region… And we will hit hard!!”, do gimme a call when you’re up here in Penang so that we can have a fun session in the hills ok?

    You can contact me at 012-4077575.

    Hope to see you guys some time.


    p.s. Some may recognize my nick in local forums : ScAvEnGeR

  2. huhu….we are in KANSEI now…. so perhaps one day we can meet up and yumcha 🙂

  3. penang is fun with it touges such as teluk bahang….balik pulau…..bukit baru….batu feringghi…air itam dam….and gertak sanggul… do come and enjoy…..

  4. hihi.. teruterubozu ahh.. yg patong musim hujan tu kan 😛

  5. hahaha… ya btol!!! 😛 ade kat rear view mirror aku…. ujan lebih2 sgt bahaye jgk 😛

  6. smart logo 😀

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