Hello fellow touge friends 😀 Today I would like to continue on the second part of choosing a touge machine for yourself. As I can say, different countries has a different cars to choose from. A briton may favour a ford escort RS cosworth or a focus RS over an EK9 type-R. An Italiano may favour a Lancia Delta Integrale HF over a renault clio Williams.

Nevermind about that. In part.2, I will not focus on hatchbacks alone but also other potential touge machines available in the market. Sedans are not that bad. Impreza & evo makes a good start if the car is relatively cheap in your country. But in Malaysia, it can start from USD$16,500 for a converted non 4wd “evo” 4,5,6 lancer or an original evo3 for USD$20,000.. mind you our cars are somewhat very expensive. But blessed we are better than Australia in terms of legal issue of modding our cars! 😀

Okay, back to the topic. Besides hatchback as a choice of cars, these 4wd machines in sedan form is of course very nimble. Still depends on your touge purpose as well. For tight touges it is still recommended to have a cute hatchbacks such as a toyota starlet turbo. Cute 1300cc car but with big potential if you have a local supertight winding mountainous roads.




For those who plans to have a 4WD as your touge machines and if you have ample of money to spend on, a decent machines as below will do the trick!! 😀 Why 4WD? because these all moving wheels provide better handling & traction in the wet & handles better in 4 seasoned countries. Proven in rallies & even in WRC for many years showing multiple winning & victories. With turbochargers, it is already good enough in stock form. You still can mod your EK VTEC to be at par with an evo. Hey, to each of its own man. We have many type of car enthusiasts in the first place. Hehehe 😀






impreza gc8_07




So folks! The buying power is in your hands whether to purchase a fairly priced 4WD or a hatchback. Later on I will continue with FRs on this touge title. FR is an expensive machine in Malaysia too. This is due to Initial-D & drifting culture. USD$15,000 sounds fair for a battered 180SX am I right? hahahahaha!!! To be continued :p