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  1. yo guys!
    I’m LW from Italy, yes also here touge is kown! πŸ˜‰
    good rides!

  2. thanx bro!!! good to know that there are an italian touge runner as well πŸ™‚

  3. Aren’t most of those cars FF? Because I thought that Touge was like drifting where it only applied to Rear wheel drive cars.

  4. no david. Touge is like a mountain runs. drifting is an art. u don’t apply art when u want to attack the touge at ur best time ayte? πŸ˜‰ FRs, FFs, MRs and 4WDs have their own advantages and disadvantages on the touge….FFs kinda have a slow entry speed into an apex but fast on the exit…. πŸ˜‰ it would be a pleasure to explain more to u…

  5. Hey, what’s up people. Alex Tang here, a Malaysian Chinese student and touge enthusiast. Currently I’m just a Quantity Surveying student studying at Taylor’s College, so I can’t really afford to buy my own car, just have a Hyundai Accent RXS-5 that my Dad bought for me. But I’m studying really hard and saving up my money as one day, I would really love to get a Honda AP1 S2000 and tune it up to match the C-West Time Attack Prototype, with a full carbon fiber body, but adapted for touge racing. I LOVE high performance cars of all types, and the S2000 offers the best balance between speed and fuel economy/practicality. I’m also a serious touge enthusiast and would like to join your team one day when I have my S2000 and learn from all your great experiences. For now, I partly satisfy my huge thirst for touge racing by playing Initial D in the arcades, LOL. Nice, but nothing like the real thing, I know. Oh yeah, is that a Japanese Proton Satria there? It’s wearing a Japanese license plate. All right people, take care now and have fun. Keep the throttle pinned and those revs screaming for redline! GAMBATE NE!

    Best regards from Alex Tang,
    Fellow Malaysian Touge Enthusiast

  6. huhuhu, its a satria with mitsubishi mirage bodykit πŸ˜‰ i love touge as other enthusiast do….urm, it’s okay to have ur current car. just u need some suspension tuning and some ultra racing bars to have a better handling….oh yes. a proper sports rims with a good tyres come into account as well πŸ˜‰ proper exhaust systems and some minor engine tuning will make ur car more responsive….so….get on the mods and hit the touges….yeehaa!!!!

  7. LOL, I only get RM60 a week from my parents, how to pay for all that? Hmmm, perhaps I’ll mod my Hyundai a bit after I graduate and start working a few months. Or maybe I should just start saving up and go all the way to that S2000.

  8. hmm, need to keep money laa bro…. 😦 RM60 a week is killing u man….is like RM240 a month….u drive from home to college izzit? if stay far from home sure got enuff bucks to mod… πŸ˜‰ S2000 is not an easy car to tame with….note tsuchiya struggling to tame the J’s Racing S2000 on touge max battle…. πŸ™‚

  9. Hey all, I’m from South Africa, 20 years old and am studying graphic design here.

    Unfortunately touge racing isn’t really big here yet – in fact it doesn’t exist here yet – at least not that I’ve seen. What we do have is the usual track based circuit racing, drag racing, and the usual illegal street drag races, and of course rallys. All our motorsport is influence by either europe or america, and drifting is starting to take off here.

    But it flooded by wannabees, so the quality of it is pathetic, with only like 5 people who have decent skill. And there is present only one show dedicated to the car culture on public TV, and they often get the facts wrong, and feature the before mentioned wannabees and fanboys, they once called a porche GT3 a mazda rx7!

    The only thing that we do have that is close to touge here is the annual hill climb – which is always a highlight, and it happens once every year, its an official event where the entire pass is closed off and there are a huge range of cars present taking part. Its called “King of the Hill” and last year it featured one of 5 skylines GTR’s that exist in south africa.

    Unfortunately i do not own a car at the moment, most of my money is going towards my studies – and when I do get a car, it will probly be pretty old and cheap. But it will be tuned. And I will be doing something to get touge larger here

    I’ve got quite a bit of driving experience – been driving since I was 6, and was racing formula K gokarts when I was thirteen.

    If I may ask, is they last car a Proton Gen2 perhaps?

  10. Hi all. I’m from poland and here touge is not very popular, people like driftig and drag races they don’t understand me and few other (very few) touge fans. So I just need to talk which someone who understand what I love in touge.

    I love your cars, maybe when you will have time, write something more about them, is there an EG6 which b16b engine and EK which b18?

    Now I’m driveing 89′ Honda Prelude BA4 which B20A5 engine it produces 137hp and 172Nm of torque, i would like to put a 4WS (four wheel steering like it was in oryginal car, which it will be a touge monster :P, 100% better handling) and next year a H22A 200hp engine from newer JDM Prelude, and offcourse I need a beeter breaks and suspension.

    Cheers, It’s realy nice to meet ya guys πŸ™‚

  11. hi Lukas! nice too meet you πŸ˜‰ urm, here people also like to drift and drag 😦 only i managed to meet some touge enthusiasts here πŸ™‚ about the EG6, it is equipped with B16A :smile EK9 is with B16B and EK4 is with B16A2 πŸ˜‰ the B18CR is from the DC2 integra type-R πŸ˜‰ hope my brief explanation help u πŸ˜‰ huhuhu….

  12. I think people are scared of touge πŸ˜›

    Yours car rocks! EG6 and CTR rulezz the world, but levin is good too, probably 4AGE I think πŸ˜›

    Have you done something which suspension, what kind of tyres do you use, rims etc.

    Why you don’t have a forum? It would be easier to ask questions, and would help people to understand touges.

  13. My tyres are yokohama A520 πŸ˜‰ suspension is just a local made sports shocks with gas & air filled πŸ™‚ my rims are Buddy Club P1 Racing SF πŸ™‚ we don’t have a forum because we are only a small group πŸ™‚ and most of us are a bit shy…. πŸ˜†

  14. Not too small to have forum πŸ˜›
    Shy? πŸ˜› But you can write answers here, why not on the forum?
    It’s your choice, so I just need to ask questions here in comments πŸ˜›

    About yours EG, I think is good setup, advans are best tyres ever.
    What about springs and sway bars? Do you have stock springs or shorter, if shorter then how much? What which sway bars, I’ve heard that eg6 is understeer, or maybe a little bit more neutral, i think it will be better have neutral characteristics or a little over but not under. How is your EG?

    My prelude is too much understeer so I just need to install bigger rear sway bar and 4WS on it, and then it will be more oversteer then under.

  15. I am using a mitsubshi colt πŸ™‚ or another name is mitsubishi mirage cyborg-R. It may looks like an EG to you πŸ˜‰ only my friend uses a honda EK sedan. But i do know some about hondas. i got an extra upper rear bars other than 3-point swaybars πŸ™‚

  16. eh eh also in poland there’re some touge enthusiasts!
    i’ve seen a forum http://www.touge.com.my
    have you ever seen that?

  17. yeap….i joined it πŸ˜‰ a malaysian touge forum…. πŸ™‚

  18. Upss, yes I see now, its because my graphic card broke few days ago and I have only 16 colours πŸ˜› So I can barerly see what is on pictures πŸ˜›

    Yes in poland we like touge too, but its realy small group of people, and most of them don’t speek about it at all.

  19. hoho…it’s okay Lukas πŸ™‚ as long we all love touges. That matters most πŸ™‚ tpp bad we are not like Japan 😦 basic touge cars are damn cheap… πŸ˜₯

  20. eh eh Shalie’s right, but we can always have fun πŸ˜‰
    i joined the forum too…

  21. Yup, I’m in too. Let’s meet more people who loves touge! πŸ™‚

  22. Hey all, i love the site. Me and my friends do Touge here in america, i have an EJ1(95 civic coupe) with a b16a Si-R engine in it. You all have awesome cars and its great seeing touge in all parts of the world. Wish i lived near you all to try and join up, who knows maybe someday! πŸ˜€

  23. Hey man! Shouting out from the UK! we lvoe the touge great cars, is the smaller blue one a honda?

  24. Hi Markus! FYI, the smaller car is a daihatsu MIRA turbocharged….categorized as a K-car in japan and mostly known as daihatsu cuore in the UK πŸ™‚

  25. hai there.. i’m tryin to offer u guys, do u wanna have some proper picture of yall touge cars?? i can do the job… i can fotograph u car where ever background/surrounding u want (except studio, plz!!). just let me know.

    klick here for example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/i_projex/

    feel free to contact me, will ya??

  26. SaNdFiSh said:

    assalamualaikum dan salam perkenalan untuk geng touge-r………….gua ada skit soalan untuk you la bro……….kat area you all ada x keta2 nie…………honda crx……..datsun 120y gx……..toyota celica gt ta22……coz kat area gua susah la nak cari bro…..gua duduk kat area png……..klo ada gitau kat na n price skali leh?…….and one more……gua dah lama minat bab2 touge race nie dan klo leh gua nak wat team sendiri…..and our home course tentulah the infamous teluk bahang touge & balik pulau lama touge…….boleh x bro beri pendapat sepatah dua kata untuk gua yang beginner nie…..long life hashiriya….

  27. wsalam bro… thanx for noticing us even kami ni tak sepopular teamKANSEI(which is my main team) 😦 hmm, kete2 tu aku penah nmpk but susah org nak jual…maybe faktor rarity kete2 tu, plus CRX skrg budak2 honda start cari(rege tak masuk akal)… untuk teluk bahang tak silap aku home course team TBSpeeders πŸ™‚ hmm, kalo nak pendapat is practice jela, plus kete pon kene setup cantik. maksud aku xpayah la nak mahal2 sgt pelaburan…cukup utk setup yg memuaskan hati…bab tayar plak the expensive the better sebab tayar yg kureng membahayakan diri sendiri…for sure nak merembat kaw2 nnt πŸ™‚ apa2 pun touge lah 2-3 kete sekali…kalo ape2 jadi senang beb… ade member nak tolong dikala saat2 kecemasan… πŸ™‚

    • pa2 pun touge lah 2-3 kete sekali…kalo ape2 jadi senang beb… ade member nak tolong dikala saat2 kecemasan…

      y ni aku stuju sgt..ade pengalaman bro..penah eksiden sorg2 kt touge,atas bukit xde line terpaksa turun bwah sket baru dpt line kol member..tu pon da rasa menyusahkan member je..kali ke member aku eksiden..naseb baek maen 3 kete..tp ssh jgk la sbb rim depan patah, rim blakg pon patah..xleh jalan jgk..kali ke 3 plak member aku eksiden tp kali ni aku xde dlm knderaan tu la..y ni paling teruk,sorg patah tulang bahu ngn lengan..sorg lg patah rahang..seb baek xde seris lg..tp kete hancur trus la..xleh nk buat ape lg..ambek corner 140kmh kadang kecut perut jgk naek ngn bdak nih..huhu

      pape hal nk maen touge kene tgk kemampuan kete dulu la.jgn nk tibai cam kete otai2 y dah bikin..skil dah satu hal..

  28. SaNdFiSh said:

    assalamualaikum bro shalie………….mmg diakui team bro x sefeymes team kansei tapi gua x bape suka la team yg “terlalu” feymes…….bukannya gua benci ke ape bro just gua minat team yg low profile……tu je……nape skang baru bebudak honda nak cari crx…..tah2 baru tau kelebihan keta nie kot…..gua gak salut lu bro coz brani taruk pic……steadylah……bab2 homecourse nie takde sape2 pon yg pegang sebenonya….tapi skang nie gua dh lame x dengar pon name tbs…..yg tengah hot skang nie ialah sorang rider yg bernama andrew(klo x salah gua la) aka scavenger……..bape kali dh selisih ngan dia…….rumors kate yg dia nie bagus gak…..kete perdana tu…..thanx untuk lu nyer nasihat bro……cam yg lu cakap team kitorang nie tak ramai pon just 4 bijik kete je…….coz kebanyakkan dari kitorang nie student lg…..name team pon lom compom……gua ader satu je question bro…..kt pic yg lu amik tu kt mane arr jln touge tu (yg lu duduk atas satria tu)……..n bile nak turun teluk bahang????…….gua gak ader discover touge baru kt tempat gua…..air itam dam touge…..takder guardrail tu……and again thanx a lot for replying my comment bro……..i love chicane….

  29. wasalam, err…CRX is a good drag car πŸ™‚ hahaha….tu jek alasan rege die naik gile2….err, letak pic kete sure ade risiko sket…. scavanger mmg aktif bab2 touge kat teluk bahang ni… diorang mmg set time kat situ dlm 8mins kot, bdk2 diorang kete pelik2…. mcm myvi supercharged….. aku pon student beb…. kami kat selatan semenanjung…hehe….pic tu kat area umah aku….tapi skrg dah ditarah…so in memories la 😦 teluk bahang kalo aku turun pon surely dgn family… hahaha πŸ™‚

  30. P/S:- even TOUGE-R dtg dulu before KANSEI. Tapi KANSEI ramai kat klang valley…aku jek tercampak jauh sket…hahaha πŸ™‚ plus TOUGE-R ni kebanyakan dah slow down n kete kureng seswai… 😦

  31. SaNdFiSh said:

    assalamualaikum bro….kete seswai ke x seswai tarak hal nyer bro……janji skill superb…….ko skil dah superb kancil ngan saga pon leh jadi laju tanpa turbo……anyway this is touge, cam drift king kate la “power is not important but total balance is the key”…….hehehehe…..lu ader tengok tak satu citer tentang touge battle tajuk dier ss special stage……..lu patut tengok hero dier drove kancil (daihatsu mira)…….evo pon leh kantoi klo serious battle……kan skang nie kansei tengah dok wat satu projek…..touge for friendship……lu x join ker bro……dengar kater diorang nak turun teluk bahang….tapi ikut turn kot………i love chicane…..

  32. SS tu aku ade tgk…. kete merah tu tak silap aku suzuki alto works πŸ™‚ touge for friendship tu aku pegi yg bukit tinggi jek..hahaha…. πŸ™‚ teluk bahang ade sorang dah turun siap dgn vids lagik…hehe…tapi takat solo test run jela… weekend ni fraser’s hill plak dgn EPMC n GT…yeahh….mmg all out la sunday nihh… πŸ™‚

  33. satu lagi bile makin lama touge rival makin challenging. kete pon mmg kene mantap la…. mmg takleh nak deny sampai satu masa kete dah xcukup menyengat… lagi2 rival yg ade 10yrs of circuit experience n 10yrs of knowing the car and the car is a powerful small hatch mcm starlet glanza V. Or rival yg top10 GRA autocross(pakai starlet EP71 modified mcm2)… mmg ssh la but not impossible kalo kete laju sket dari skrg.. 😦

  34. SaNdFiSh said:

    assalamualaikum bro……..setelah gua menyelidik kereta merah itu adalah daihatsu L200 2 doors….klo lu cakap pasal racer yg circuit experience n gymkhana mmg la skill diorang superb bro n aper yg gua maksudkan ialah seorang racer yg mmg pure born from street…..cam gua dan lu hehehehe…..kater p fraser hill maner pic????…..org yg lu maksudkan turun teluk bahang tu kura ker……dier kan budak kansei……untuk pengetahuan lu bro gua dah jumpa touge machine gua….untuk pendedahan selanjutnya……tungguuuuuuuuuuuu……it’s time for some touge shakedown……

  35. lorr…yeke? :p aisehh…silap arr plak… aku x terer pon… adeh… nanti aku upload pic frasers bro…just wait πŸ˜‰ kansei n aku same jek kot born from the streets… both kete bese2 n underpowered…muahahaha… πŸ™‚ aku tak sabar menanti kete ko…

  36. assalamualukim bro…….nie ader satu brita gua nak story lu…..kat png ader satu lg touge pass…….gertak sanggul touge…..best siot…..corner sume layang2 je maaa….seswai untok drift…..

  37. wasalam….sorry la sebab aku lame tak online..gertak sanggul eyh? mmg aku kene bagitau la geng yg berhampiran…hehehe… drifter pasti minat continous mcm tuh…

  38. BelahΒ² utara ni mmg byk touge gak.. sama mcm areaΒ² negeri sembilan.. area Taiping – Lenggong ada Sumpitan Pass.. Kulim – Bandar Baru – Baling – Grik – ada Sungai Ular Touge, Grik Touge dan mcmΒ² lagi.. mmg semuanya syok la jugak.. bila naik atas lagi ada Wang Kelian Touge plak.. fuhh.. banyak oo.. hehehe…


  39. hahaha… ajak la sandfish ni touge skali… πŸ™‚ die pon utara jgk πŸ˜‰ bole bertukar2 pendapat n skill touge… πŸ™‚ touge for friendship!!!

  40. Inshaallah.. sampai belahΒ² utara nbanti, kami roger la dia.. muhehehe πŸ˜€

  41. mat drag said:

    neo cps mantap duh cornering

  42. kalo main drag mantap x? πŸ™‚

  43. yo bro! heheh. jmpe gak blog touge r ni. cun2 lah kerete korg! video kat kuale kelawang yg evo3 tu record en, mane pegi kete ko ohh?? trus hilang!!

    btw aku acap/akaf. kenal ke?

  44. hahaha….ko the red prelude guy!!! πŸ™‚ hahaha…. yg evo3 record siang hari pahang touge festival… uish… xmampu aku nak lari dari evo3. Encki Ariel evo3 skill tahap dewa 😦

  45. haa yess thats me! hahaha. ehhh ha’ah laa. tesilap lak. haha. got mixed up a bit la bro. brani gile siot korg. hujan2/malam2 pon taram gak. uishh. *respecttougerunners!*

  46. hahaha…. dah passion bro….layankan jela…. πŸ™‚ tapi mlm lagi syiok dari siang…. part senang die ko tau incoming cars kat blindcorners… πŸ™‚ so xdela tersodok org lain… err, ramai jgk la yg terjebak dgn sukan touge nih…

  47. ohh. so mlm ag bess aa ek. aku pon sbnrnye minat gak touge tp keadaan kete aku x membenarkan aa. susp x sedap. nk carik celah mane aku pon xtau. kalo stakat men2 sket bole la. tp kalo kona maut, ngan aku2 skali maut. hahaha.

  48. hahaha…. ko pakai absorber sport dah ok bro…. xyah la adjustable… then tayar baik…. sure bole perform sket… karakter prelude ko jela yg tau…. cepat snap@ tailhappy or grip…

  49. susah bro nk carik. sports abs pon biase dak2 yg pkai model aku ni amek model len pnye pastu custom tapak sbb x ngam.
    cepat snap@tailhappy?? cemane tu bro?

  50. hehehe…. tunggu sen kuat then ko hybrid la mcm diorg… err snap tu bile ko corner laju tibe2 blkg membuang…. ko struggle nk gain control dgn counter steering… mcm tu laa.. πŸ™‚

  51. ahhahaha. nk tunggu sen betul2 kuat tu. kos tuk hybrid tu cecah 2k biase aku tnye org2 yg pkai model aku nihh. payah bai kete lame. takpe2 kesabaran itu penting. hehehhe
    ooo ok ok fhm2. then tailhappy tu same thing ke ape?

  52. tailhappy pon da same thing la bro…. heheheh…. err, 2k serupe angkat adjustable…. mahal jgk kacuk2 prelude nih… kalo ade brg pon sure dah season finale nyer…. adehh…. xpela…. janji kete ko bersih, kemas n terjage…. xdela mcm prelude2 lain mcm kapal nk karam…

  53. ohh same ek ahahhaa. haa tu pasal. adjustable GAB pon 1.6k aa lbih kurg. saif@prelude gold haritu bgtau aku. tp GAB m’sia la. nipong mali takdakk. hahahah.
    ehh tayar ape bagus ek utk dptkan grip time hujan n kering? aku dgr parada cepat haus. iye ke?

  54. erm, aku pakai parada ok jek… tgk la kalo ko jenis kuat travel mmg xtahan lame arr… pada aku tu da best dari segi pricing n performance… lain2 mahal pastu cpt haus…. ooo, gab mmg terbaik la… lebih kurang rege proton jgk la tuh… hehehe….

  55. tau. aku prasan ko pkai parada aritu. tgk bunge dari blakang cam ombak je. cun sehh. aku pkai rim 16 nie mimpi je laa nk pkai parada en T.T aku nk riki rim 15 tp tgu ade sen ar. hehehe. tu aa aku rase pon nk angkat GAB. depade abes beribu riban wat titan shox. member aku pkai mmg sedap kat prelude 3gen enjen h22a. semua kona dia lenjan, tp cukop aribulan chasis crack. sbb setting keras sgt and chasis sudah tua. hoishh sayang2. nsib baek bole welding ag. absober ko pkai ape ek? masyuk je tgk ko layan kona ohh.

  56. aku pakai sports abs APM RTECH πŸ™‚ blom pakai adjustable lagik… hehehehe… err, 16 toyo arr ngam… xpon yoko s-drive… parada xde 16″ aihh… chassis crack tuh kene spot weld balik… mmg sakit arr poket… 😦

  57. ooo.camne ride? ok? xpe aa pelan2 kayuh. hehehe
    toyo?? fuahahahh. baek laa aku tuka rim 15 cepat. macam mahall je bunyikenye tayar tuh. yoko s-drive pon ade gak mmber2 rekemen. nnt la aku riki2 tgk rege. skang ni pon aku pkai blkng hankook n depan kai silverstone. takpe la aku nk maen kona pon susp x sdp. hehehh

  58. hahaha…. apm rtech pada yg memuja adjustable mmg akan cakap hampeh la. review sume ckp lembut la, xbest la, murahan la. mcm2 komen arr kalo ko tgk kat google. tp aku pakai personally orait la. hehehe…. mmg x menghampakan utk kete aku… hankook orait jgk tuhh… kumho ke… hahaha… πŸ™‚

  59. alaa ok aa tu. asal kan bg ko sedap kire cun aa. buat pe pk ape org len ckp en. bukan diorg yg bwk kete ko. lantak pi lah mreka. hehe. aku psl shox2 ni x tahu sgt. tp yg aku tau stakat ni plg murah aku dgr @ bole dpt pon yg gab tu je. hahaha. kena kuatkan meriki lagi nihh. hehehe

  60. hahaha…. tu arr…. yg aku nk emo dgn pemuja tein watpe ek? hahahaha…. πŸ™‚ err, xpela…. ape2 pon sama2 lah kite upgred suspension biler perlu πŸ™‚ aku pasal shox pon fail jgk… kalo ade subjek xlps amik pre-requisite…. hahahahaha…. πŸ™‚

  61. haa tu pasal en. diorg nk kutuk bia je. ah aku pon byk gak kena kutuk. bia laa kete aku en. aku dulik hape. wahahaha. haa ade plak pre-requisite ekk? ok la tu, jgn smpai under prob sudahh. x psl2 kena terminate kang. ahahahhaha

  62. hahahaha….. terminator bahaya skrg…. zahrin botak mmg wat undang2 gile…. 😦 err, yg tukang kutuk tuh kalo nk sponsor ok jgk…hahahaha….. dari buang air liur mengutuk… πŸ™‚

  63. ahahhaahha.terminator mmg bahaye bai. jgn maen2 same terminator botak wehh. hahahahah.
    bile nk lepak ag bro?

  64. hmm, bile2 HOC or mr Bill ajak TT arr…. πŸ™‚ kalo x aku dgn neo MMU jela…

  65. neo mmu org orgnya tak gempaq ke πŸ˜€

  66. shalie said:

    hahaha…. troublemaker la u… πŸ™‚

  67. hahaha… dun worry mr shairi… kalo x hentam sampai limit kete sampai bile2 xkn progress…. we learnt the hard way 😦 barula bole taram kaw2… kalo keep on staying within comfort zone then forever xkn maju πŸ˜‰ macam2 jenis driver aku dah jumpe… dari race driver sampai ke amateur hati kering… but ape2 pon mmg kene pegi touge at least 2-3kete… safety requirement yg kiteorg dah praktikkan since 2002… πŸ˜€ but i know japan is much2 more challenging… πŸ™‚ here in malaysia, if u’re not crazy enough, people won’t even notice u… :p so to build a name and fame in the underground touge scene, there is always more than driving skills… πŸ˜€

  68. shalie…nnt letak gbmr kelly skali ye…gmbr yg cun2 skit…pls n tq

  69. aiseh… part rides ni dah lame aku tak update… due to safety reasons… πŸ™‚

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