The event was on the morning of 30th April 2011. I didn’t enter the event as I have some financial issues. But I managed to be the Finishing point marshall for the event. Making sure my division make things right. The event has 3 categories. Group A for the supercars, Group B for the Below 2500cc and above 1600cc and finally group C for 1500cc below. The rules are simple. No full slick tyres but road legal tyres such as Toyo R888, Advan A048, Potenza RE-01R are permitted. This is an uphill challenge.

As the final result of the competition, for the group B 1600cc-2500cc goes to master Ariel in his red honda civic SiR EF9… for group C below 1500cc goes to Pok Deng in his EP82 Toyota Starlet GT… kudos to EPMC fellas!! As to wrap up my day in Bukit Putus, I did manage to get master reed to tail me in his EP91 Starlet Glanza V… Well, I did manage to keep a small distance from me as I was in front of him. A valuable lesson from the masters on how to control pressure of being tailgated. I drove back to Malacca at 6:30pm. Reached around 8:15pm due to traffic jam on the highway… Now I can rest peacefully πŸ™‚ Pictures credits to EPMC, HCCC… and TRAFFIC for hiring us as the marshall and making this wonderful event a blast! Thanks for the linkage too πŸ™‚