I was told by Master Ariel through Facebook. I was keen to go for touge since it’s been a while I’ve touge in the daytime. So on Sunday morning, I went to the rendezvous point at Gombak Teknik School. I was the 1st to arrive and I did call Master Ariel notifying him that I’ve arrived there. Then I received a call from Syawal of TRAFFIC Magazine. I told him that I’m going for touge that day. Then we all met there and have some chit chat and keeping up with everyone’s life. There is a few toyota enthusiasts which I never met before but they are true motorsports fans. Akat did came! with his Works Engineering Neo… a powerful car as it is very rare to find neo getting 156hp!!! Yes, I shit you not! Then, Master Oreedo was the latest to arrive after having some stuffs back at home.

We later headed for Genting Sempah touge. Master Oreedo was the lead car with his SEG 4throttle mean machine. Even facing some technical fault, he still manage to smoke me into dust. With his delicious federal RS-R on all 4s. It’s a steal for true touge “kakis” or enthusiasts. I was the second car and pushing very hard uphill just relying on my yokohama paradas, mines high low, my old border 304 and my highcams. It did perform well but looks like my Angelic in need of a grippier tyres to cope the setup… I was suffering tremendous understeer all the way… Then we did encounter several bicycle enthusisasts which kinda took da whole road… Luckily all of us managed to reach the checkpoint at Sempah safely.

After some break. We headed off to Bukit Tinggi. This time Master Ariel is the lead car. Then Master Reed is the second car. I was the 3rd car… Apis with his yummy blue n neon orange SSR type C’s starlet turbo EP71 was the fourth car. He didn’t intend to overtake nor tailgate me but just followed the flow.. I was somehow puzzled as he has loads of HP’s compared to mine. Then we reached the peak. Parked our cars and have a chat bout our driving skills and cars. Later on we have a peek at Akat’s secret weapon: the Works Engineering Neo. I was amazed with it’s yummy Evo regamaster(original) wrapped in yummy n already defunct Advan Neova AD07.. running onm Akat’s prototype piggyback- The Akatec Piggyback stage 1.

After the fuss, we went for lunch at Yong Tou Fu in Wangsamaju. A favorite spot recommended by Master Ariel. We had our lunch and headed home later on. I went to see my Mellie at PWTC and attended her Conference on GAZA issues. Overall it was a fun touge for me 🙂

More pics and text at TRAFFIC 🙂