It started at 12 midnight at twin shell mrr2… we gathered touge-R members and also welcomes jothi as our new member πŸ˜€ there was about 10cars that night. I’ve invited jasril n taka from touge-G as a special FR appearance… such legendary figure should not be missed out in this event πŸ˜€ so, we rolled of at 12:30 that night… :p we headed to genting-sempah n raced up the course… i was the lead car… mr azmi with his SV4 tailgated me pretty well… he managed to push his big accord thru the tight corners…. it was definitely a thrill πŸ˜€ then we hanged out at the sempah RnR… then i met mr electroborneo n his fren in a white myvi!! πŸ˜€ i was shocked to see him n thought he didn’t make it… i went back early n have a cruise thru downhill genting-sempah alone πŸ˜› pretty scary but it’s worth da trip… the rest after having a teh tarik session at awana’s maple they shoot up to genting n have a chit chat till day breaks πŸ˜€

here are the vids πŸ˜€ thanks to touge-G for the splendid video πŸ™‚

the photo album courtesy of touge-G official πŸ˜€